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Rent a boat? 

Renting from 2 hours to a whole day

You want to rent more than one barge ?  We arrange for you other departure and arrival-hours.

No need to have a license for navigating.  We ask a deposit of €  250,00 (only Creditcard = Visa or Mastercard).A damage free barge = return of deposit

The renter has to be 18 years old.  A copy of identity card is sufficient.

Reservation is required.

Always included in the price :

Bad weather, and now ?

No problem. By rain or very bad weather circumstances, we will arrange another appointment.

Our boat = comfort and ecology

Go on board on one of our luxury boats
With its comfortable cushions and high backseats you will enjoy a pleasant trip

The view is optimal.  The folding roof protects you against  the sun, wind or any raindrop.

Even for children or elderly people it is easy to come on board.

The 100 % ecological Elektro’s have a sailing autonomy of at least 8 hours.

The advantage : there is noise  or odour nuisance.  It navigates energy-saving.
Our boats are driven by green energy.