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Boats sale

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Explore the water tourist in yourself.

Together with your beloved, friends or family you plan a city trip in  Ghent. Offer them an unforgettable boat trip in and around the  historical center.

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Why rent at BoooT

The preceding explanation and instructions ensure that even the most unexperienced skipper can navigates the boat.

Luxurious boats

By the variety of boats and locations, we try to offer you the most  appropriate formula for what you wish to organize. A date, birthday  party, an excursion with friends or family, a team building, ... we like  to hear what your reason is to plan a trip.


Even the most luxurious boats will pleasantly surprise you in terms of  rental prices. Certain boats charge 5 € pp/hour if you would share it  among friends. Which attraction you can find there before.


In addition to the offered barges and tours we can also package deals on  board. Starting with a glass of cava to fully fledged arrangements.  Your guests will experience!

Boats for rent for everyone

You will find the perfect boat at Booot.be. Electrically powered and so 100% ecological

Small barges and Joyboats

up to 5 persons


Up to 10 persons

Navigate with skipper

from 12 to 18 persons

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