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iSloep is enjoying on the water

Every boat has the same combination of good  navigating  characteristics, comfort, contemporary  design and attractive prices.  All the boats have the CE-safety mark,  because you and we demand high standards on our products.  Every barge  and very tender is complete.

iSloep 585

The isloep 585 is the perfect barge when you want to spend a day on the water with friends. Even with its length and your own riding skills it’s easy to moor at the nicest spots or the casual restaurants.

From the moment you hop on the barge, you feel vacation. You navigate a contemporary barge that is payable and reliable, but also comfortable. Not only with the thick cushions and teakwooden deck, but there is the space to move on board, even around the helm.

The isloep 585 is as standard already very complete, but can be accommodated with extras. Because of the fact that its polyester body, teakwooden deck and … are so easy to clean, you only have to worry about the snacks , the drinks and the people you are inviting.

iSloep 735

A day with your family, friends and a full picnic basket can describe a journey on the isloep 735 as : ENJOY. The 735 is solid, (cool), modern and comfortable with its strong, but silent motor and its large sundeck to explore the scenery floating by. In the Netherlands is this isloep 735 knowed as the perfect barge. Perfect on inland waterways and canals. The isloep has a length of 735 cm and can easily accommodate two families. Your guests can enjoy the large sundeck. The storage for food supply is big enough. The standard three cylinder motor is strong and can reach to 19 kilometer/hour. It’s a pleasure to navigate this isloep because of its good underwatership and its sleek design. The isloep 735 navigates steadily and quietly. It makes barely waves. From the first moment on you feel as an accomplished captain.

Rapida 666

With the Rapida 666, due to its light but strong polyester body and its standard Yanmar motor with a maximum power of 42pk (28 km/hour), it is possible to wakeboarding and waterskiing.

The Rapida with its characteristics, as the front side, the high bulwark and … can venture into seas. The beauty of the Rapida 666 is not only due to its elegant (stylish) line but also to its advanced performances and its easy way to navigate.

The Rapida 666 is the ultimate dayboat for everyone.

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Rapida 750

The Rapida 750 is the darling of everyone. This “tender” with its simple design is sportive and fast.

The division of the interior looks more like the one of a barge because of its comfortable round sittingspace. Everyone sits cosy around the captain. To navigate the Rapida 750 you don’t need to be a skilled skipper.

The navigating characteristics are perfect because of its stability even by slow or fast navigating. The Rapida 750 has space for 12 persons. A fresh jump into the water ? Of course! It’s easy! There is the teakwooden platform to jump from . Someone wants to sunbathe ? No problem! There is the sundeck!! The only thing you need now, is a fresh cooled glass of white wine, right out of the in-built winecoolercabinet… and ENJOY

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Rapida 777

Our Rapida 777 tender is regarding a day of recreation very practical and has spacious storeroom possibilities. There is a variety of motorizing; the 3 cylinder 21pk is standard but also a 180pk motor can be installed, this can bring you to a speed of 50km/hour.

Due to the special design of the underwatership of the Rapida 777 its maintains easy to navigate in all circumstances. It is a great(fantastic) boat to cruise with friends or to rent for water sport lovers among you. The Rapida 777 can seat ten persons. It is amazing how much pleasure this boat can bring you.

The Rapida 777 will exceed your expectations.

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Rapida 990

Navigating with the Rapida 990 is an experience. When you want to make a relax tour on the Amsterdam-Ghent canals or a speedy tour on the open waterways, the 990 is the “tender” par excellence for the water sport lover. It is a unique combination of rigourness, coolness, luxury and speed.

On the Rapida 990 you will stand in the spotlight. Its stylish shape attracts the attention. You are on a boat with a “design characteristic”. Every detail has been thought about. The Rapida 990 is luxury and speed. But is also very stable because of its special design of the underwater ship. Because of its good navigating characteristics it can go up to very high speeds. The standard 990 has a 42pk four-cylinder Craftsman motor, but the motor range runs until a Yanmar 180pk, with a speed of 50 km/hour. You choose yourself how fast you want to go. No matter which motor you choose, the Rapida 990 stays a safe and comfortable tender with quality and pleasure.

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